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Kobalt Air Compressor Parts

The Kobalt air compressor parts and unit provides an individual with a constant source of power and portability. An air compressor functions by pushing the pressurized air out of the tank through a connection line and to the equipment or tool the person is using. The compressor can constantly provide an individual with air that will help him finish his activities. Like other machines that have the same functions, Kobalt air compressor may also encounter some problems. Whether it is an air leak in the system or a faulty pressure switch, there are several ways to troubleshoot the unit first without taking it to the service center to be repaired.

Kobalt air compressor parts and unit troubleshooting guide

Most air compressors contain a reset button. If this is available, press it after making sure the unit is on. This needs to be done if the compressor refuses to open.

Sometimes, there is a problem with the discharge pressure. When this is the case, make sure to lessen the air demand, or at least utilize an air compressor with greater air capacity. If a leak is suspected, the individual can put soap and water around the area of the connection and fittings. When bubbles are detected, there is probably leakage in the unit. The user should replace the said fittings, or tighten the connections in order to ensure that leakage will not happen again. The air filter should also be replaced as needed.

An unusual sound coming from the air compressor should be investigated immediately. The flywheel bolt or the drive pulley may be the cause of this weird noise. To fix it, the individual should tighten the following. There is a small glass window in the unit containing two lines; this is called the sight glass. The lubrication oil can be checked in that particular window, make sure the level is located between the etched lines.

The compressor tank should be drained daily, or when there is water in the lines or system. The check valve should be replaced if the pressure switch frequently leaks air out. Aside from that, all surfaces must be cleaned from dust, moisture, and other contaminants. These will speed-up the wear of the system.

The Kobalt air compressor parts are very easy to troubleshoot and maintain. The person should just have a bit of know-how and not necessarily expertise when dealing with it. Kobalt is a great brand, so there will be no problem with regards to this.